From the Wanli Shipwreck c1625

                                                        Small landscape bowl

                                                      Large Ming Longevity bowl

                                                  Kraak dishes with springtime motif

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Shipwreck Treasures Exhibition at Muzium Negara

These pictures were taken in 2011 when the National Museum had 
an exhibition on shipwrecked artefacts. 

Souvenir Gifts available

Spoon box set from the Desaru Shipwreck c1830

Celadon jarlet from the Royal Nanhai Shipwreck c1460

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"Treasures of the South China Sea" Exhibition & Sale revisited

Recreating the old Port of Melaka..

Porcelain from the Wanli Shipwreck c1625

Storage jars

Wanli exhibition 1625 revisited

 water pot c1830

blue-and-white teapot c1830

 wooden boats with ming shard sails

 black glazed jars c1460

 He Xian-Gu of the Eight Immortals

 black glazed jars, ring-handled bottles and water droppers c1460

 character bowl c1625

blue-and-white kraak ware c1625