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The Exhibition & Sale is now on at Enak KL, Starhill Gallery!

Wanli display, Enak KL, Starhill Gallery.

Write-up in The New Straits Times, 24 Oct, 2010

How would it feel to tuck into fine Malay cuisine served on centuries-old Ming and Qing dynasty ceramics? INTAN MAIZURA AHMAD KAMAL finds out
OOPS, there I go again! I really must perfect the art of slicing into my food very, very carefully.

After all, I’m not in some kopitiam tucking into standard kopitiam fare on standard kopitiam ware.

No, this is more classy. A five-course dinner of fine Malay cuisine (who’d have thought there was such a thing?) served on centuries-old Ming and Qing dynasty ceramics in the classy and cosy comfort of Enak KL somehow required a little more panache.
“Don’t worry, it won’t get scratched,” reassures a smiling Karen Loh from NMA marketing, the party responsible for bringing in the antique ware.

Noting my hesitation and feeble attempt at slicing into my chicken for fear I would scratch the surface of the antique serving plate, she reassured me: “If it has survived all these years, I’m sure it’ll survive more than just that. It’s from the Desaru shipwreck, circa 1830, by the way!”

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Ming Treasures, Bygone Flavours

Ming Treasures, Bygone Flavours

"Treasures on Ming, Flavours of a bygone era"

Enak Restaurant in collaboration with NMA Marketing, is proud to host a 5-course dinner event with old Johore recipes from a bygone era, set on complete antique 550-year-old to 180-year-old genuine, antique ceramic dinner service. Indulge in delicate kerabu daging and selincah with ayam percik served on blue-and-white spoons. Slurp hearty seafood soup of clams, tiger prawns and fish in a Qing batik bowl whilst delighting your eyes with a lotus Celadon dish filled with water and floating flowers. Tantalise your tastebuds with ayam cendawan sisik richly flavoured with wild fern shoots and ground spices served on a Ming medallion with springtime motifs. Guests will also enjoy our aromatic “botok-botok” fish and savour an age-old favourite ubi kayu dessert, again on Ming and Qing pottery.

This special and unusual dinner experience is by reservation only at Enak Restaurant from 29 October – 14 November, 2010. For RM250 nett per person, guests will enjoy a 5-course dinner from old Johore recipes, along with a door gift. Genuine blue-and-white Ming and Qing antique porcelain will be used in the table setting and dinner service.

For antique enthusiasts, Enak Restaurant will also be hosting an Exhibition & Sale of the abovementioned antique ceramics. 385-year-old Ming kendis, gourd bottles, kraak ware, covered boxes, blue-and-white bowls with landscape motif, 550-year-old Celadon dishes and ringhandled bottles, 190-year-old Qing flower dishes, bowls, Yixing teapots and earthernware will grace the restaurant.
Book your place today.. Call 6012 203 9126

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From the Desaru Shipwreck c1830

Blue-and-white flower spoons

From the Wanli Shipwreck c1625

Kraak plate in spring time motif

From the Desaru Shipwreck c1830

Blue-and-white flower bowls


Percik & kerabu
The traditional ayam percik paired with kerabu daging and selincah ... both served with Enak KL's signature touch

Soup course

Sup lautan masam manis
A hearty saefood soup with clams, prawns and fish, and a dash of freshly squeezed lime juice

From the Desaru Shipwreck c1830

Blue-and-white flower dish

Main Course

Gulai ayam cendawan sisik
Chicken grilled with a richly flavoured gravy redolent with ground spices served with wild forest mushrooms sauteed with wild fern shoots and garlic

From the Wanli Shipwreck c1625

Kraak plate

Second main course

Botok botok
A recipefrom generations back... fish wrapped in aromatic ground spices and 9 different herbal leaves including papaya, laksa leaf and cassava shoots

From the Desaru Shipwreck c1830

Blue-and-white flower spoon

From the Wanli Shipwreck c1625

Peony Kraak Dish

From the Royal Nanhai Shipwreck c1460

Celadon dish

Ubi kayu kelapa muda
A recipe dating back generations... tapioca with a young coconut filling complimented by a condiment of anchovies

Treasures from the Deep

Imagine a lazy Sunday afternoon many eras ago. The air is warm, heavy with the aroma of sauteing shrimps and anchovies. The children are waiting impatiently for their Sunday favourite... steamed tapioca with the savoury sauteed shrimps and anchovies...