"Treasures on Ming, Flavours of a bygone era"

Enak Restaurant in collaboration with NMA Marketing, is proud to host a 5-course dinner event with old Johore recipes from a bygone era, set on complete antique 550-year-old to 180-year-old genuine, antique ceramic dinner service. Indulge in delicate kerabu daging and selincah with ayam percik served on blue-and-white spoons. Slurp hearty seafood soup of clams, tiger prawns and fish in a Qing batik bowl whilst delighting your eyes with a lotus Celadon dish filled with water and floating flowers. Tantalise your tastebuds with ayam cendawan sisik richly flavoured with wild fern shoots and ground spices served on a Ming medallion with springtime motifs. Guests will also enjoy our aromatic “botok-botok” fish and savour an age-old favourite ubi kayu dessert, again on Ming and Qing pottery.

This special and unusual dinner experience is by reservation only at Enak Restaurant from 29 October – 14 November, 2010. For RM250 nett per person, guests will enjoy a 5-course dinner from old Johore recipes, along with a door gift. Genuine blue-and-white Ming and Qing antique porcelain will be used in the table setting and dinner service.

For antique enthusiasts, Enak Restaurant will also be hosting an Exhibition & Sale of the abovementioned antique ceramics. 385-year-old Ming kendis, gourd bottles, kraak ware, covered boxes, blue-and-white bowls with landscape motif, 550-year-old Celadon dishes and ringhandled bottles, 190-year-old Qing flower dishes, bowls, Yixing teapots and earthernware will grace the restaurant.
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